Sunday, September 9, 2007

yeah, her avator is way hotter than she really is

I love this article, "Even in a Virtual World, Stuff Matters" because it shows that our consumerism translates even into a virtual world where it shouldn't matter. The girl above even keeps a list of things she wants to buy. That's just sad.

... Right?

The items are made of pixels, and don't actually exist, yet people still spend money on them. This girl makes Linden dollars interviewing for the fashion industry.... Anyone see a problem here? Yeah, in real life she wouldn't get that job because, sorry, but she's not that fashionable. She doesn't look trendy, she needs a haircut and a new pair of glasses at the very least. The only thing she's got going for her in the picture is the Apple computer.

Last month, she earned 40,000 Linden dollars ($150), for interviewing designers, arranging fashion shoots and writing about trends in Second Life, called SL by frequent users. “I usually spend what I earn,” Ms. Hawkins said. “It’s entertaining.”


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