Sunday, September 2, 2007

"Real Estate In An Unreal World"

I came across this article online about real estate in Second Life. The article compared SL to Narnia, which made me giggle. But I kind-of liked the comparison. In so many ways, it does feel like a fantasy, made-up world. Oh wait. It is.

But here we go again... Confusing fantasy with real life. We talk about how people often try to recreate themselves... their lives... Maybe with an extra touch- 10 pounds less, better hair, better boobs, more money. But still, there's this inherit need to have reality represented. Sure, we can fly, but overall, this "Second" life has so many real world components. And real estate is another great example.

These houses aren't for sale on SL... They're for sale in real life. And people are actually going to SL to tour them!! Craziness....

Check it out for yourself:

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