Sunday, August 26, 2007

Yeah... We had a "Virtual" Class

"I've always wanted to tell my students to stop flying during class. Guys. Stop flying around." - Shamp

Minus the chaos of people flying; teleporting; and me trying not to run into my classmates... class was, well, normal. Ok, that's a lie. Class in Second Life was far from normal. My boyfriend sat behind me playing guitar laughing at avatars, wondering aloud if that was actually how my classmates looked in real life. And after he wandered away, as I leaned in, talking to my laptop, my puppy was quite confused who I was talking to. I'm sure I looked pretty silly.

I'm not really a name person... So the people in my class that I didn't know yet, well, I really don't know their avatars. It's hard enough putting a name with a face, harder yet to put a Second Life name with an avatar face with an actual person from class's face with an actual real life name. You see where I'm going with this? We need to upload screen shots of our avatars with our avatar names below, our real names following, and maybe even a smaller headshot of who we actually are. Then if you change your avatar drastically, you can upload another screen shot.... On our class webpage maybe?

Alas, we will continue on the journey... and figure things out as we go. Right??

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